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Photo Credit: Deborah Galle Courtesy of Wildlife In Crisis

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A NOTE OF CAUTION: It's great to see the New York Times covering the world of wildlife rehabilitation, and there are many good and compassionate quotes in the article. However, our Connecticut bird rehabilitators have concerns. As chimney swift specialist, Jayne Neville, stated, “The article gave the impression the birds were never conditioned in an outdoor aviary.  If common swifts lead similar lives as our chimney swifts, these birds will have to stay in the air from dawn to dusk upon release. Without the benefit of being conditioned outdoors in a large flying space to build stamina and flight skills they are at a very distinct disadvantage. Furthermore they will not have attained waterproofing and will become grounded in the first rain. I have not researched the natural history of common swifts but it sounds like they cannot possibly be viable birds that will go on to survive being raised and released that way.”


Photo Credit: Deborah Galle Courtesy of Wildlife In  Crisis